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Sometimes it takes a village, except when it shouldn’t

Last week a story surfaced about a woman in South Carolina, Debra Harrell, who was arrested because she made the conscious choice to let her 9-year-old daughter play in a public park while she went to work. I had already seen … Continue reading

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Where I write and what I think about it

I write…. …in blank documents that exist only on a computer screen. …in slim, Moleskine notebooks full of creamy, unlined pages. …in the Twitter composition window under the watchful eye of the character counter, ticking off every precious letter, space … Continue reading

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Everybody’s free to wear [organic] sunscreen

When a friend casually mentioned the Environmental Working Group’s sunscreen report to me in passing, I should have nodded, smiled, and moved on. Instead, I asked her to share it with me. Like any curious parent, upon clicking open the report, I did … Continue reading

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