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A healthy dose of fear (and why I quit downhill skiing)

It’s official. I am not a downhill skier. After my fourth lesson this past Sunday, I finally decided that downhill skiing is not for me.  I understand the physics of it and I’m physically fit enough to actually do it, … Continue reading

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On grief and Newtown.

While I have not lost a child in tragic and violent circumstances, I have lost someone unexpectedly and suddenly.  And more than sorrow and heartbreak, the grief of Newtown families is palpable to me.  I live in Connecticut, and I … Continue reading

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You only write your dissertation once

Thankfully, in academia, you only write your dissertation once. Thank. goodness. Most graduate training is oriented towards research and writing, but the art of research and writing is less evident in the formal curriculum.  And if your graduate training has … Continue reading

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Faux dissertation acknowledgements….

I am trying to lock down this final analytical chapter of my dissertation.  There is always more to write, edit and adjust with the project, but I am aiming to have a full draft together by the end of the … Continue reading

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Will an extended school day raise all boats?

Yesterday, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, announced an initiative to expand the school day in 10 school districts across 5 states, affecting over 17,000 kids. My home governor, Dannell Malloy, was present in Washington, D.C. for the announcement because three … Continue reading

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