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I’m going on a time diet

I’ve got an accounting problem on my hands.  Accounting was my worst grade in college–the only class where I earned a C.  Overburdened by responsibilities in other classes and woefully behind on and confused by the material, I capitulated mid-semester.  It’s … Continue reading

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A post on Conditionally Accepted that is actually published

I remarked three weeks ago that I thought the semester was flying.  It is indeed a slippery one.  By my calendar, it is Week 9.  The great push towards the end of the semester is on. Today, I am excited … Continue reading

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In loco parentis: real life role conflict and role strain

Thanks for not giving up on the blog and me.  September and October knocked me down, but I am slowly standing back up. Everywhere I look, all I see are Rogue Cheerios.  Residuals from my work and personal life are … Continue reading

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The writing is the reward

If you’re a teacher, you are probably wondering where September went.  I know I am pretty amazed at how many things happened in the last month and how quickly this semester is flying.  In this first semester of non-graduate, non-dissertating … Continue reading

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