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Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me in My First Year of Graduate School

As I get closer to the finish line, I now seem to qualify as an “advanced” graduate student.  I sat on a panel this week for the first year students in my grad program. I didn’t voice these things verbatim, … Continue reading

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On the importance of original thoughts…

I do my writing in a local coffee shop.  When I’m sitting in their uncomfortable aluminum chairs eating fluffy scones and sipping the house blend, I wrestle with my keyboard. I drudge up ideas, type some thoughts, erase them, start … Continue reading

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Chanukah Christmas cage match

An open letter to retailers on the cusp of Christmas shopping season: I know you have been waiting since July to debut your newest and biggest product. I know you held off as long as you could until the very … Continue reading

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Being thankful (and a little glib)

It is already the middle of November. I wanted to write this post right when the month began but we were understandably busy, standing down a storm and preparing for political winds to change.  Here we are, one week away … Continue reading

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something personal

Some days, I’m not thinking sociologically. On grey Wednesdays (like today), I wish it were a sunny Sunday so I could hang with these faces. That is all.

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exercise your rights and please vote

According to the U.S. Census, 58.2 % of registered voters actually cast ballots in November 2008. That figure is on par with rates of voting in the 2004 election and only slightly higher than the election in 2000.  That means … Continue reading

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