Boy vs. Girl: A Podcast

I am so thrilled to dedicate a section of Rogue Cheerios to my newest project: Boy vs. Girl: A Podcast! This podcast is a collaboration between me and my friend, writer, teacher and storyteller, Matthew Dicks.

I first met Matt’s wife, Elysha, when our daughters were in preschool together. Elysha and I hit it off immediately and eventually I met her husband, Matt. Matt has a million jobs and when he knew I was a sociologist, he wanted to sit down and discuss some ideas he had for a new book. He has always been a man working with women and he wanted to face off about gender and gender stereotypes.

We worked on the book proposal together, and our progress was slow. We decided that rather than write our way through it, maybe we would be better off talking our way through it. And with that, the podcast was born.

We launched Boy vs. Girl in October 2015. In each episode, Matt and I bring a topic for discussion and then we field a question from a listener about gender stereotypes. It has made for engaging and entertaining listening!

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Thanks for listening!