A pragmatic love letter to my husband on our 7th anniversary

Lucky number 7 years of marriage at our house today.  I don’t feel it’s necessary to wait until some big anniversary to tell my partner how much I appreciate him.

So here goes:


Every year that passes, I feel grateful and blessed to have met you.  The timing of our relationship could not have been better.  Thank goodness we met in our early twenties. We were too young and stupid to be our future selves yet.  We would have hated each other if we’d met in college.  If I had been a sociologist then, it never would have worked.

There is never a dull moment in our household comings and goings.  I am so happy that we share things mostly equally and that we nearly always roll with the punches.  Life is unpredictable and far from fair, but I feel like I stand stronger with you on my team.  You may feel like I never listen to you, but your opinion and your support matter more than you will ever understand.

Summer 2012

Summer 2012

We become more like ourselves and like each other as we get older.  That means you may be getting more reticent or more obsessive but it also means you’re getting more silly and care-free-ish.  I’ve adopted your sense of humor, and you’re (finally) starting to use your sociological imagination.

I knew you’d make an incredible father and every day, you surprise and amaze me.  You have patience and reverence for everything our girls do.  Even when we’re worn down by the daily grind or the frustration of being grown-ups, you have this endless supply of love and affection for those two little women.  You wear the tiaras, sing the princess songs, kick the soccer balls, cuddle the tears, and kiss the boo-boos.  Watching you father them warms my heart.

Being married to you takes work, and I’m not trying to be cute.  We don’t want to disappoint each other.  We want what’s best for each other and for our family. Maintaining and sustaining any relationship (and especially a marriage) takes attention, dedication, love and selflessness.  It is not easy but the payoff–a silly, happy fun marriage–is worth it.

Thank you for being in it together.




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