The writing is the reward

If you’re a teacher, you are probably wondering where September went.  I know I am pretty amazed at how many things happened in the last month and how quickly this semester is flying.  In this first semester of non-graduate, non-dissertating life, I took the advice of others about organizing my schedule and preserving time for myself and for writing.  I set aside time on my schedule for writing and for self-care and made those appointments recurring so I would never have to remind myself to both write and take care of myself.

Anyone want to guess what happened?

Life. Life happened.

I wasn’t so public about what was happening in life, but as life ramped up my work life got pretty hectic, too.

So I stopped trying to get up early to fit in writing. I stopped going to the lunch time yoga class or taking walks. I stopped taking any good advice I’d given myself.

But now it’s October and life seems to be settling itself.  It’s never going to be totally quiet, but it is going to be more manageable.

And I have found that sitting down to write something is such a treat.

The writing is the reward for completing other tasks, for getting through that hectic day, for surviving the week.  What a relief to simply sit, relax, and put words together. With so many facets of life up to chance, writing is comforting and relaxing.  How can I convince my students of this?

I have things to write about teaching, about parenting, and about life. Instead, I’ll just write about writing.

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Sociologist mom writes for work and for pleasure.
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2 Responses to The writing is the reward

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  2. Life’s been happening to me, too! Thanks for this 🙂 And good luck!

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