Summertime with my academic babies….

It was a really good week.

Some highlights: strawberry picking, blue skies, homemade shortcakes, playtime in the yard, swimming at the pool, and the first CSA delivery of the year.

Some low moments: 2 sick days, plenty of bickering, a few epic tantrums, and some summer rain.

On balance, I’d say we are doing just fine.

It was easy for me to disconnect, but the summer does not feel slow around here because in a few short weeks, it will be back to school time.

This week, I had to stay slightly tethered to work, because my first big essay was making the rounds. The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Vitae section published my essay, “The Perfect Academic Baby.” The editors have bravely taken on the issue of faculty and family life beginning with a series on motherhood and the academy and my essay was the first to run.

It has been thrilling to see people respond to the essay. I have been hoping to share these thoughts with an audience for a long time and I simply thrilled that the Vitae editors took me up on my pitch. And then to hear from some of the folks I really respect and admire (like Karen Kelsky and Rebecca Schumann who both write about the academy) respond and share the essay, too, well that was also a thrill.

I feel lucky to be hearing from people I know and people I have never met and knowing that this essay is reaching people.

I am working on two more essays for them and I can’t wait to see how they go over, too.

If this first week is any indication, I am staring down a really, wonderful summer.

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