The March 2017 Update

The whole world had a stomach bug for months all winter. But not the Weiner household. And I knew our day would come: I just didn’t know our day would be almost a whole month.

I’m being a little dramatic. March was a long time, though. We had snow days, snow delays, and so many sick days. More kiddos vomited more times in one month than we have seen in their entire lives.

But now it’s April. The first quarter of the year is OVER!

Here’s where things stand after three months:

Things I want to do weekly:

  • Exercise 4x a week: CHECK. 16 total visits.
  • Give kids weekly allowance: Mostly CHECK. I prepped envelopes for the first two months of the year so I was less organized in March. I missed one week and had to double up the last two weeks after I ran out of singles. I did get to see the girls use their saved allowance money to buy something new and it was awesome. It’s taking a few weeks but the payoff on this allowance endeavor is happening.
  • Do one act of kindness each week: NOPE. It’s not that I’m not a kind person. I just can’t get my act together.
  • Read one full length article in a magazine every week: NOT EXACTLY. I did read two articles from a Sunday NYT Magazine. So that’s something.

Things to do every month:

  • Regular library trips: We went to the library for the How To Festival this month. Because of visits in January and February, we are swimming in library books.
  • 2 Yoga classes: No progress here. Motivation growing to get this off the ground in April.
  • Read 2 books: 1/2 accomplished! I am constantly reading and finished March by Geraldine Brooks this month. If only reading half of several books counted for one whole manuscripts. Sadly, no.
  • Write 2 blog posts: YES! Two posts–one essay squeaking in under the wire on the last day of the month. Read more:
  • Choose outside: NOPE. It was too snowy and yucky.
  • Savings: No movement on this yet.
  • 1 date night: YES! Husband and I went to a few events together, including the school auction and a wine tasting event. Not the same as a romantic dinner but better than nothing.

Other goals:

Need to get moving on some long-term goals like the guitar playing and the language learning.

April, April, April….


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