June Update

June is such a jam-packed month and July is its own safe haven that it would be easy to forget that the end of June marks the end of half the time in 2017. The year is half over. I am tempted to do a combined Q1/Q2 report but I know I have lots of things left on my plate for the year. Rather than lament what’s left to do, I’ll just jump right in….

Things I want to do weekly:

  • Exercise 4x a week: 22! It’s a new record! And in the closing days of the month, I met a goal I didn’t know I had. I climbed the rope all the way to the top! I was flying high all week!
  • Give kids weekly allowance: Slipped a lot this month. Our Friday night routine has not recovered since softball season ended. Have to get back on the horse.
  • Do one act of kindness each week: Last month I said I wanted to reframe this goal. Still working on how to do this every week.
  • Read one full length article in a magazine every week: So this didn’t happen. I DID listen to all of S-Town, however. And that was like reading at least one article.

Things to do every month:

  • Regular library trips: This was a month of library stasis. We are still reading from last month–the girls have come to expect a few big trips a month.
  • 2 Yoga classes: Nope.
  • Read 2 books: Big movement in the reading department this month!
    • The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward Tufte
    • Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis by J.D. Vance
  • Write 2 blog posts: Yup.
  • Choose outside: The weather is turning so we have been outdoors more often just because. I’ve been at nearly all of the girls’ softball games. I also got in a great walk with a friend.
  • 1 date night: Oy, nope.

Some other great stuff that happened this month:

  • Protest postcard writing campaign: on the first day of the month, a dear friend posted something on social media about a protest postcard project. I joined up immediately. The goal was to write 3 postcards a day for ten days to Republicans and Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee as well as Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos about her dangerous education budget. Happy to report I hung in for the entire campaign–my 3 postcards were part of a barrage of 300 sent to elected officials protesting the education budget.
  • Attended all of the girls’ softball games: I felt like June was wall to wall softball. It was awesome watching the girls progress–they love a good catch!
  • External writing projects: Finished book chapter due July 1st. I know edits are in my future but I am really excited about how this turned out.
  • Pinterest success: As the room parent, I was able to execute an amazing Pinterest-inspired gift for our daughter’s kindergarten teacher.

Gotta get some movement on:

  • Kitchen savings
  • Guitar lessons
  • Run (like a race or something)
  • Podcasting oral histories

July, July, July……


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