September update

September was a pretty big month. Reflecting now, it’s hard to believe that Labor Day was just 30 days ago. I knew that the month would be busy between work and the holidays but I didn’t know how much energy we would have to sustain to keep everything running. But we did it. And now it’s done.

Things I want to do weekly:

  • Exercise 4x a week: 16 WIP classes. I’m most proud that I motivated myself to exercise on the road which is a major challenge for me.
  • Give kids weekly allowance: Nope. We just had a discussion with our girls about the idea of allowance, how we should save and share with others before we spend. So I think we’re going to get back on the horse this month.
  • Do one act of kindness each week: One act of kindness in preparation for the holidays, I sent letters to lost connections and I know at least one landed.
  • Read one full length article in a magazine every week: Nope. This has been tough over the last few months. I read so many small things that I don’t engage with long form journalism. But I need to.

Things to do every month:

  • Regular library trips: I know we’ve been engaging with the library. Our trips haven’t been the lazy kind–they’ve been more efficient. I am happy to report that my book club procurement is totally library focused now.
  • 2 Yoga classes: Zero yoga classes.
  • Read 2 books: 1!
    • This Is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel: This might be one of my favorite books in a long time. It’s a simple story about complicated choices in family life. It felt all too real even though my family is different from the one in the story.
  • Write 2 blog posts: Yes!
  • Choose outside: This month has been a busy one getting the outside of the house ready for the fall and winter season. There has been planting, cleaning up from some work over the summer, and neatening up. So we’ve been outside but not always for fun purposes. We did get a super hot day outdoors at a festival visiting family in New Jersey.
  • 1 date night: We had a date weekend away celebrating at a wedding over Labor Day weekend. That feels like ancient history but it was a truly fabulous two nights away to ourselves (with a major party thrown in). We also finally figured out how to spend time together while the girls are at religious school so we spent one morning at the diner. Breakfast at the diner is not super fancy but I’ll take any alone time I can get with my husband.

Some other great stuff that happened this month:

  • Labor Day weekend celebrating our friends’ wedding
  • 80th birthday party for one of our cousins
  • Work trip to Washington DC to present at a national conference
  • Jewish holidays–made Challah for the first time with the girls, hosted dinner for friends and read a Haftorah on the first day of Rosh Hashanah
  • Visit to New Jersey to see my sister, brother-in-law and our nephews
  • A huge work week–4 presentations in 7 days

We’re off to the final quarter of the year!

October is underway….

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