The little things giving me life right now

The longest of weeks feels like a month when the alarm sounds at 5am on Friday morning. Two weeks of life sucked away by illness and ambient worry and this week was the chance to get back to routines.

But the week was full of small moments that are giving me life, lifting me up, making my heart sing. Even though there is plenty to worry about in the big, broad world and in my local world, there are still many moments where I catch myself and wonder how I got to be so lucky. Then I make a mental note of the little things. Then I promptly forget. And at the end of the week, they all come tumbling out of my mind and I want to catalogue them because I know I’ll them another day.

So, in no particular order:

I traveled round trip to Boston for a workshop led by a giant in our field. I filled my head with loads of ideas. My brain hasn’t stop churning.

I had the chance to explain what I do to total strangers at a work event and the most common response I heard: I can tell you’re really passionate. My response, “It feels good to love what you do.”

I sang our wedding to song to one of my daughter’s as we snuggled in bed one night. I probably sang it to her as a baby but never as a big kid. I had been talking all day so my voice was warmed up and I didn’t miss a word or a note. When I finished, she said, “That was really pretty” like it was a brand new thing.

My little daughter demanded “You are my sunshine” and I sang that, too. Then she asked for opera singing and I belted la la las and she cheered. I felt ten feet tall.

I taught a workshop, addressing a room of professionals doing totally different kinds of work and they all seemed to appreciate the discussion. I am always inspired by the opportunity to help people do great work.

The trees are all changing colors. There is always a big storm that expedites this gorgeous time of year but for now, it’s technicolor and I’m loving it.

I got to see my husband during one work day which is always a treat. We actually saw each other all week even though it often feels like we’re ships passing in the night.

I got back to my exercise class. After a week off, I was worried I’d slog through but I can still do super pushups and the energy I get from a room full of people at 5:30am in the morning has carried me through the week.

I stayed tuned into friends all week. Text threads and social media connecting us over time and space and grounding me in the comforting notion that I have people that I love close by and far away.

I got to see my baby nephew crawl (really scoot) via video chat. He’s so grown already and I know it’s a downward spiral into toddlerhood. For the moment, I love his joy in getting to move in the world.

It rained fiercely overnight midweek. The rain was loud and powerful. It rained sideways. It pressed down on everything. The sound was incredible.

The weather was moody in a way that made the world pulse. The sky was gray, then bright than gray again. The sky was striped, clouded and today, shiny.

I got time on the couch to catch up on life. Didn’t tie up all of the loose ends but came close.

I consumed every inch of political news until I couldn’t take it anymore. Then one night on my drive home I switched on Hamilton and belted every song.

We ate well. We slept well (mostly).

Simple things. A busy week full of simple things.


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Sociologist mom writes for work and for pleasure.
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