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Unfounded parenting guilt on the first day of school

In my four years as a parent, I have not found one person who thought that they had it together all of the time.  I have met some folks who project a put-together image and I have met some folks who … Continue reading

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The calm before the storm: on course prep and a reality check

I need to get over myself. I am doing exactly what I have done for semesters now: I am over prepping my courses. I’m paralyzed thinking about updating the syllabus for a course I’ve already taught because I know it … Continue reading

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We were on a break!

Academic breaks are an awkward time for us scholars. With only 15 weeks in the classroom every semester, there is little time to escape, little chance for a “vacation” day. Academic breaks are a time to recharge and to play … Continue reading

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On grief and Newtown.

While I have not lost a child in tragic and violent circumstances, I have lost someone unexpectedly and suddenly.  And more than sorrow and heartbreak, the grief of Newtown families is palpable to me.  I live in Connecticut, and I … Continue reading

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Will an extended school day raise all boats?

Yesterday, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, announced an initiative to expand the school day in 10 school districts across 5 states, affecting over 17,000 kids. My home governor, Dannell Malloy, was present in Washington, D.C. for the announcement because three … Continue reading

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