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I feel lightness….

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about my present state of mind. Re-reading my last few posts–laments on my August slump, my daughter’s first day of school, and my coming career exploration–I just realized that I seem melancholy. On … Continue reading

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When lice lessons are life lessons

As parents of young kids, my husband and I have had it pretty easy. We have weathered our fair share of stormy tantrums and sleepless nights. But save the occasional ear infection, runny nose or low-grade fever, serious illnesses have … Continue reading

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Yoga Shabbat, able bodies and back spasms

This past Saturday, I went to yoga at my temple. It was an unconventional way to spend Shabbat morning. Growing up in a conservative congregation, my parents and I were not habitual Saturday morning service-goers. And though my parents were … Continue reading

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Dispatch from the mat: lessons on teaching gleaned from yoga boot camp

Yoga boot camp is a contradiction in terms.  Yoga, by nature, is meant to be peaceful and meditative.  The only “boot camp”-ish thing about this yoga boot camp was the 6:15 start time (and thus the 5:30 wake up call). … Continue reading

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Ease in….

A year ago, a dear friend encouraged me to join her in a “Couch to 5K” running program. Before I had my kids, I ran for exercise, but I was hardly a “runner.” Never terribly “sporty,” I have been trying … Continue reading

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When you report to yourself….

Some days, you tick off a list of to do items and you sit back at the end of the day and marvel at your productivity. For me, that was this past Monday and Tuesday.  It seems Friday has a … Continue reading

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Non-resolutions for 2013

Day 2 of the new year.  I have always been a resolutions kind of girl.  Some years have been very specific like “Stop biting my nails” (an ongoing battle).  Other years, they have been grander like “Be focused” (I think … Continue reading

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On grief and Newtown.

While I have not lost a child in tragic and violent circumstances, I have lost someone unexpectedly and suddenly.  And more than sorrow and heartbreak, the grief of Newtown families is palpable to me.  I live in Connecticut, and I … Continue reading

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exercise your rights and please vote

According to the U.S. Census, 58.2 % of registered voters actually cast ballots in November 2008. That figure is on par with rates of voting in the 2004 election and only slightly higher than the election in 2000.  That means … Continue reading

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Get Your Pink On. Or off.

I’ve already made it clear that I cannot escape sports in my house, especially baseball and football.  During that magic time of year when the baseball post-season overlaps with the early NFL season, it is impossible to ignore what’s happening … Continue reading

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