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Forging ahead: reflections on the first non-grad school semester

The fall semester is grinding slowly to a halt.  If you told me on the first day of classes how this semester would proceed (family ups and downs, moving our whole life, moving the kids from one school to another, … Continue reading

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Time diet update

At the beginning of November, I wanted to get my act together. I invented the time diet where I tracked how I spent my time.  Here are my mixed results: 1. Strict dieting can really help get your act together: On … Continue reading

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I’m going on a time diet

I’ve got an accounting problem on my hands.  Accounting was my worst grade in college–the only class where I earned a C.  Overburdened by responsibilities in other classes and woefully behind on and confused by the material, I capitulated mid-semester.  It’s … Continue reading

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A post on Conditionally Accepted that is actually published

I remarked three weeks ago that I thought the semester was flying.  It is indeed a slippery one.  By my calendar, it is Week 9.  The great push towards the end of the semester is on. Today, I am excited … Continue reading

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In loco parentis: real life role conflict and role strain

Thanks for not giving up on the blog and me.  September and October knocked me down, but I am slowly standing back up. Everywhere I look, all I see are Rogue Cheerios.  Residuals from my work and personal life are … Continue reading

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On social media: [sometimes] you say it best when you say nothing at all

With so many channels for communication, it is incredible if anything stays private. News, no matter how big or small, travels quickly.  Is it possible for the thinking brain to internalize, recall, or reflect on so much information?  What about … Continue reading

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It’s not easy being a sociologist, so just don’t talk shop with your dental hygienist

It is tough enough having your actual profession confused daily by every person you encounter. If I had a dollar for every time someone confused sociology and social work, I’d have quite a few dollars (but not enough to quit … Continue reading

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Persistence in the face of unrelenting mediocrity

After many summers of failing miserably at tending to vegetable plants, I have resigned myself to the realization that I am not a great gardener. Do you hear me, husband?  I stink at gardening. I am not even a little … Continue reading

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Unfounded parenting guilt on the first day of school

In my four years as a parent, I have not found one person who thought that they had it together all of the time.  I have met some folks who project a put-together image and I have met some folks who … Continue reading

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The calm before the storm: on course prep and a reality check

I need to get over myself. I am doing exactly what I have done for semesters now: I am over prepping my courses. I’m paralyzed thinking about updating the syllabus for a course I’ve already taught because I know it … Continue reading

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