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The importance of making headspace.

My mother always said that I was terrible at doing nothing. I am fine with being terrible at doing nothing because I am so rarely without something to do. Lately, though, I have found in my quiet moments, those spaces in between … Continue reading

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Grading vortex

No matter how well I plan and no matter how hard I work, there comes a point in every semester when I am overwhelmed with grading. All teachers experience that moment when they stare at The Pile of papers in front … Continue reading

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Taking your own professional advice is tough: on teaching

This isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve prepped plenty of new classes. Every time I do, though, I go through the same exercise. Where to start, what to include, what to exclude, how to structure the semester…. My desk starts to … Continue reading

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The Real Housewives is sociological (I swear it is)

While in graduate school, I missed the boat on so many cultural touchstones.  There are new television shows, musicians, reality stars or movies with which I am only vaguely familiar.  For example, I know Mad Men is critically acclaimed but … Continue reading

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When you report to yourself….

Some days, you tick off a list of to do items and you sit back at the end of the day and marvel at your productivity. For me, that was this past Monday and Tuesday.  It seems Friday has a … Continue reading

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No typical work day

Today was not your typical work day.  Then again, I rarely have a typical work day. 7 a.m. The usual morning lineup. Breakfast with preschooler while little munchkin slept. Note to self: must start feigning extra hour of sleep by … Continue reading

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You only write your dissertation once

Thankfully, in academia, you only write your dissertation once. Thank. goodness. Most graduate training is oriented towards research and writing, but the art of research and writing is less evident in the formal curriculum.  And if your graduate training has … Continue reading

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On being dedicated to writing…

It is really strange having this blog all to myself where no one will find me unless I point them here.  I thought my incredible husband was my only reader, but I could not help myself and starting doing a … Continue reading

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