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I downloaded my first podcast in 2011. I was in the car with our youngest driving somewhere on maternity leave. Our youngest was a little baby–maybe less than two months old and while I had friends with babies to meet up with, … Continue reading

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Daddy is not the babysitter

I am headed out of town to attend a conference for four days. I will miss my girls and my husband. My four-year old is in a clingy phase–recently I left for an early meeting before she awoke and she … Continue reading

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Dear Proctor and Gamble, Where are all the dads?

17 days until the Winter Olympics begin. Several weeks ago, I saw murmurs about this Proctor and Gamble Sochi ’14 ad. I ignored them.  As we get closer to the lighting of the torch, however, this ad will start making … Continue reading

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My preschooler, the budding sociologist

My preschooler is struggling with her social world. We switched her preschool about eight weeks ago, and she’s around more kids (other school was smaller) and more boys (other small class had only a few boys) than before. It’s also … Continue reading

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Reflections on Mama, PhD

My husband bought me Mama, PhD as a graduation gift. He thought I would appreciate the stories about “motherhood and academic life.”  In under a week, I tore through the anthology.  Divided into four sections, the editors captured women’s stories … Continue reading

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Discovering I’m a reluctant (and proud) dance mom

As spring approached, some local friends began signing their preschoolers up for activities.  My husband and I decided to sign the girls up for a round of swim lessons because we consider swimming to be an important life skill.  I … Continue reading

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Only 361 days until NEXT Mother’s Day.

I have never liked Mother’s Day.  There, I said it.  And it’s not because I lost my own mother six years ago.  In thinking through this post, I have done some informal social scientific polling and have found that I am … Continue reading

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exercise your rights and please vote

According to the U.S. Census, 58.2 % of registered voters actually cast ballots in November 2008. That figure is on par with rates of voting in the 2004 election and only slightly higher than the election in 2000.  That means … Continue reading

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evidence-based rant about parenting and fatherhood

One fun aspect of having daughters: the cute clothes they get to wear.  My favorite outfits for the girls have always been Carter’s brand because the prints are completely precious and besides the cute-factor, they are really durable.  Carter’s hardly … Continue reading

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empowering my daughters 100%

I am raising two daughters in this world. And I am scared for them. I have followed the presidential election campaign since the spring from the very start of the Republican primaries and I feel troubled by the rhetoric that … Continue reading

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