What I Did On My Summer Vacation (2013 edition)

I have been struggling to find the right words or images to capture the last few months. How exactly do you get the essence of what we did into a short, sweet blog post?

So many things happened this summer. 

I finished graduate school and tried to decompress from spring semester. We went exploring on hikes and in parks. We “farmed” in the yard and grew one dozen green beans (and zero cucumbers/summer squash).  We swam at the pool. We made so much art. And we ate loads of yummy food.  With a boost from my Freshly Pressed feature, blog readership started to grow. I dragged the kiddos to farmer’s markets all over the state. We trekked to the berry farms a half-dozen times. I saw the beach three times in three places–once with my husband (and no kids), once with the kids (and no husband), and once all together.  

All things being equal, it was a mild, awesome summer.

But this past weekend, this last weekend of summer, I snapped an image that stopped my heart for a second.  And in that instant, I lived the whole summer over again. 

"Sister, let's run!"

“Sister, let’s run!”

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