Thank you, WordPress!

What an incredible weekend!

My “Reflections on Mama, PhD” essay appeared on Freshly Pressed late Friday evening and the weekend has been a thrill.

What I was thinking when I saw Rogue Cheerios on Freshly Pressed

What I was thinking when I saw Rogue Cheerios on Freshly Pressed

In 48 hours, I have been humbled by the 666 folks who have read (or even just skimmed) my essay and the rest of the blog, logging 1,120 page views (and counting).  I had readers from every continent!  Many readers left supportive and thoughtful feedback.  A few readers even shared the essay on their blogs.  And many of you have begun following the blog, too.

I have more content rolling out this week–so excited to engage with new readers!

Thank you for reading my words, for sharing your stories and for supporting Rogue Cheerios.

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Sociologist mom writes for work and for pleasure.
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5 Responses to Thank you, WordPress!

  1. Congratulations! It is such a thrill to be Freshly Pressed. I was FPed in February and I was so excited! I checked my stats at least a dozen times a day. 😀

  2. kataqia says:

    Hi Rachel! I’m a fellow blogger who was introduced to the world of Freshly Pressed after my entry was nominated (should be up tomorrow — yay!). As a finishing grad student involved with Women in Science and Engineering at my university, I found your post resonated quite a bit with the topics discussed by our members. We talk about maintaining “the good life,” whether it’s achieved by children, outside pursuits, job satisfaction, or a general feeling of purpose (i.e., whatever version of work/life balance one chooses to adopt). Thank you for sharing your thoughts, especially given the recent flurry of media coverage about women in academia. I’ve found it really useful to read about others’ thoughts on these issues. Do you have a women in science group at your school? I’d love to get in touch. Either way, please keep sharing, and I’ll keep reading. Thanks!

    • rglw says:

      Let’s stay in touch–there is a network of women on my campus but we’re a liberal arts college so the demands vary depending on the discipline. I like your words for that holy grail–“the good life.” That IS what we’re striving for. So glad to connect and congrats on your FP post too–it’s surreal, isn’t it? Thanks for reading!

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