Making the next 52 weeks count

We only get 365 days in a year. Three of them are already done in 2014. And in those three days, I cooked two new recipes (fried rice and sweet potato/black bean tacos), did some good reading, applied for a job, and cleaned the bathrooms. I am feeling pretty productive.

To stay productive, I have been toying with the idea of doing some kind of weekly challenge for myself. The idea of a 365 project is too much and I already write a daily journal. A weekly project feels manageable. My husband just sat down next to me and when I told him about the weekly project idea, his response was, “Isn’t your job project enough? Do you mean you need a hobby?”

Tonight at dinner, I felt inspired by my children who have been asking that we light candles for Shabbat every week. That’s it, I thought. We’ll do 52 Shabbats this year! My husband was not as enthusiastic, so I felt discouraged. I may still see how long we can sustain a weekly Shabbat dinner effort.

Then tonight, on another blog I follow, I saw Tristan Bridges’s list of 52 works that inspired him this year. As one of my goals in 2014 is to read one new book each month, I was blown away by Tristan’s list. 52 inspiring works means one work per week! Could I get inspired by one new article or book every week of the year?

We only get 52 weeks each year and I feel like I’m running around in a padded room trying to find a way to make them count. Looking back on this time last year, I was focused solely on finishing my dissertation. I feel like I’ve come so far, and I want to use every day to its fullest.

So, I’ll take any and all ideas. Other weekly projects ideas? 365 project ideas?

Am I crazy? Husband will say I am definitely crazy.

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1 Response to Making the next 52 weeks count

  1. Cara says:

    Take a picture a day. There are many 365 projects out there for this and it a) improves your photographic skills and b) documents your year! I am tempted to do one myself.

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