On being dedicated to writing…

It is really strange having this blog all to myself where no one will find me unless I point them here.  I thought my incredible husband was my only reader, but I could not help myself and starting doing a little shameless self promotion after I finally started posting.  And now I have readers out there somewhere.  (I know because I check the site stats entirely too often).  These readers are probably my sister and a few local friends.  But I will take them–and I hope that they like what I’ve written so far.

Blogging (and writing in general) takes dedication.  I am learning this as I dedicate the next few months to writing and editing my dissertation project with the hopes of being finished by May 2013.  This is not impossible but sometimes it feels like it might be.  And staying dedicated is part of the problem.  I know I have the inner determination to stay dedicated to rogue cheerios, though, because this time last year, I started blogging for myself without the internet.  My most personal blog is a sweet little journal with a Tiffany blue cover and inside there is a page for every day of the year (with five lines below it).  I could not wait to start documenting what was happening (the baby was small–it felt like I was wasting my time if I didn’t).  In one year, I can count on one hand the number of days I failed to make notes to myself about the day’s happenings.  Soon (in less than two weeks) I will be able to look back one year and see everything that was happening.

With that kind of dedication, rogue cheerios is going places.  And in the meantime, I am writing.  Writing writing writing.

About rglw

Sociologist mom writes for work and for pleasure.
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