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The difference one year makes: reflecting on Newtown

I keep a journal of what happens to me every day. Beginning on October 8, 2011, every night I have logged what’s happening in my life on the pages of my little blue journal. After two years of journaling, I’ve amassed … Continue reading

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I’m going on a time diet

I’ve got an accounting problem on my hands.  Accounting was my worst grade in college–the only class where I earned a C.  Overburdened by responsibilities in other classes and woefully behind on and confused by the material, I capitulated mid-semester.  It’s … Continue reading

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On social media: [sometimes] you say it best when you say nothing at all

With so many channels for communication, it is incredible if anything stays private. News, no matter how big or small, travels quickly.  Is it possible for the thinking brain to internalize, recall, or reflect on so much information?  What about … Continue reading

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A very merry un-birthday to Rogue Cheerios!

So, my one year anniversary of the blog came and went with little fanfare yesterday.  I can hardly believe that I have been blogging for a whole year.  My husband can hardly believe it either. When I first thought about … Continue reading

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Surviving (and thriving) at the annual academic meeting

Two thousand sociologists in one place? Sounds like a crazy time. This will be the eighth year that I’ll attend an academic conference.  I try to go to two meetings a year (one local and one national), depending on where … Continue reading

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I need a remedy [for my Pinterest and Facebook-induced vacation envy]

I’m a little embarrassed to admit in writing that I have vacation and birthday party envy. I attribute this envy to the sharing of photos and status updates on Pinterest and Facebook.  I used to be an avid Pinner and … Continue reading

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Thank you, WordPress!

What an incredible weekend! My “Reflections on Mama, PhD” essay appeared on Freshly Pressed late Friday evening and the weekend has been a thrill. In 48 hours, I have been humbled by the 666 folks who have read (or even just … Continue reading

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exercise your rights and please vote

According to the U.S. Census, 58.2 % of registered voters actually cast ballots in November 2008. That figure is on par with rates of voting in the 2004 election and only slightly higher than the election in 2000.  That means … Continue reading

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“Community” building

A tale of two communities: Our family was invited to a get-together at a neighbor’s house this afternoon.  The get-together was a pseudo-block party but held in someone’s yard rather than publicly on a blocked off street.  During our early … Continue reading

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