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Summertime with my academic babies….

It was a really good week. Some highlights: strawberry picking, blue skies, homemade shortcakes, playtime in the yard, swimming at the pool, and the first CSA delivery of the year. Some low moments: 2 sick days, plenty of bickering, a few … Continue reading

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Why being a modern American Jew is so hard

Our local, family-owned Kosher supermarket was on the verge of closing this week when some angel investors rescued the business. Our Jewish community was temporarily devastated at the prospect of losing this local institution. For many, the Crown is more … Continue reading

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Yoga Shabbat, able bodies and back spasms

This past Saturday, I went to yoga at my temple. It was an unconventional way to spend Shabbat morning. Growing up in a conservative congregation, my parents and I were not habitual Saturday morning service-goers. And though my parents were … Continue reading

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The difference one year makes: reflecting on Newtown

I keep a journal of what happens to me every day. Beginning on October 8, 2011, every night I have logged what’s happening in my life on the pages of my little blue journal. After two years of journaling, I’ve amassed … Continue reading

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I’m going on a time diet

I’ve got an accounting problem on my hands.  Accounting was my worst grade in college–the only class where I earned a C.  Overburdened by responsibilities in other classes and woefully behind on and confused by the material, I capitulated mid-semester.  It’s … Continue reading

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On social media: [sometimes] you say it best when you say nothing at all

With so many channels for communication, it is incredible if anything stays private. News, no matter how big or small, travels quickly.  Is it possible for the thinking brain to internalize, recall, or reflect on so much information?  What about … Continue reading

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A very merry un-birthday to Rogue Cheerios!

So, my one year anniversary of the blog came and went with little fanfare yesterday.  I can hardly believe that I have been blogging for a whole year.  My husband can hardly believe it either. When I first thought about … Continue reading

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